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British Columbia | RARITIES
Mint (Hinged), Scott #7a,var., Value $0.00
BRITISH COLUMBIA: Sc.#7a,var. * 3d. Pale Blue, SPECTACULAR block of 4 with WATERMARK "INVERTED & REVERSED" (listed by SG. Cat.#22Y) but not priced. An incredible RARITY thought NOT TO EXIST and probably a UNIQUE multiple (we know the existance of ONLY one other single) SHOWPIECE. With 2 Certificates. Noted that Robson Lowe had SOLD this block in 1946 to a Canadian Soldier returning to Canada after the Second World War for the enormous amount of 900. (about $25,000. In today's currency after calculating the amount over the years). He claimed that this is the UNIQUE multiple and that it originally comes from Count Ferrari. A GREAT RARITY. (normal single accompanies for comparison)

Added May 2, 2015
$12,500.00 USD

WIP Stock #7551

Unused, Scott #13, Value $30,000.00
CANADA: Sc.#13 (*) 6d. Brown Violet, STUNNING mint unused example of this Major First Perforated Pence Canadian RARITY, Perf. 11 , actually PERFECTLY CENTERED showing IMPRINT in left sheet margin, brilliant color and with all perforations intact, EXTREMELY FINE. An OUTSTANDING SHOWPIECE GEM. With Vincent Greene Certificate.

Added October 5, 2018
$8,750.00 USD

WIP Stock #9282

Used, Scott #13a, Value $0.00
CANADA: Sc.#13a [C] 6d. Grey Violet, OUTSTANDING, PERFECTLY CENTERED example of this RARE First Perforated Pence Issue, Perf. 11 , tied to folded letter to USA and struck by light and neat INGERSOL, JU. 2, 1859 CDS, SPECTACULAR. This cover is thought to be the FINEST existing example. A FABULOUS SHOWPIECE RARITY, Ex Lichtenstein (Sale #5, Lot.#556), Herbert Bloch (Mercury Stamp Company), Lea. With Royal and Vincent Greene Certificates.

Added October 5, 2018
$9,500.00 USD

WIP Stock #9280

Used, Scott #25a,var., Value $0.00
CANADA: Sc.#25a,var. O 3 Red, SPECTACULAR example on watermarked paper showing full "E" of BOTHWELL Watermark and with RARE horizontal STITCH watermark, an Extremely RARE combination with tiny perf. flt at lower right which is insignificant on such a STUNNING variety. SHOWPIECE, probably UNIQUE. Ex. Leggett, With Certificate.

Added August 11, 2014
$2,500.00 USD

WIP Stock #7218

Unused, Scott #25DE, Value $0.00
CANADA: Sc.#25 [DE] 3 Green, Large Typographed Progressive Die Essay, unfinished design without scrolls added to the outer frame line on THIN surfaced cream colored card, printed in deep Green without the square uncolored stamp like border. Extremely RARE Essay, STUNNING. Ex. Leggett.

Added July 4, 2014
$3,000.00 USD

WIP Stock #7015

Used, Scott #31, Value $0.00
CANADA: Sc.#31 [C] 1 Brown Red on LAID PAPER, tied to INSURANCE ADVERTISING COVER, SUPERB and tied by HAMILTON OCT 1, 1868, CDS cancel and with insert stating same. This is stated by Duckworth to be the EARLIEST RECORDED COVER. AN OUTSTANDING QUALITY RARITY, SHOWPIECE. Ex. Lea, Westinghouse, Lace.

Added December 29, 2018
$24,750.00 USD

WIP Stock #9454

New Brunswick | RARITIES
Used, Scott #1-3, Value $0.00
NEWBRUNSWICK: Sc.#1 & #3 [C] 3d Dull Red and 1/- Reddish Mauve, tied to STUNNING Six Pence Registration and Nine Pence "TRIPLE LOCAL RATE" Cover. The 3d. With small margin fault at foot and the 1/- is SUPERB with LARGE MARGINS around. Both are tied by HARVEY "16" oval grids and backstamped SUSSEX & HARVEY AU 21 1854. A SPECTACULAR RARITY. This is the Finer of the 2 Known. PROVENANCE: Gibson, Moody, "Geranium", Kanai and Koh. SHOWPIECE. With V.G. Greene Certificate.

Added October 10, 2018
$22,350.00 USD

WIP Stock #9288

Newfoundland | RARITIES
Mint (Never Hinged), Scott #C5, Value $25,000.00
NEWFOUNDLAND: Sc.#C5 ** 50 on 36 Olive Green, STUNNING example of this RARE "COLUMBIA FLIGHT" Air Mail stamp, PERFECTLY CENTERED, EXTREMELY FINE, brilliant, NEVER HINGED, OUTSTANDING GEM! With V.G. Greene Certificate.

Added July 5, 2018
$15,000.00 USD

WIP Stock #9106

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